White leggings are considered by many of us ‘out of our comfort zone’. We relate with the thoughts that go through your mind: Will my underwear show? Are they see-through? Will I get them dirty the second that I try them on?… And many more. 

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. If you’re struggling to figure out whether white leggings are for you or how to style them, look no further. 

In this post, we cover some simple and easy ways you can wear white leggings because they should not be feared. White tights can look fantastic on everybody and every body. Discover 3 effortless ways to style white leggings to feel your most confident self. 

  1. The Workout Look

Slip in your athletic shoes and your most comfortable and supportive sports bra to rock your next workout. White really goes with everything, so you don’t have to worry about color palettes. Whether you’re joining a yoga class, doing a circuit at the gym, or following some at-home workout videos in your living room, white leggings can be the perfect companion to your physical activity.  


workout leggings
  1. The Weekend Getaway Look

When going away for the weekend to the city, or the mountains, or the grocery store around the corner, you want to make sure you bring with you a versatile and comfortable clothing item. In particular, white leggings can serve as your go-to pants for the weekend as you can pair them with your favorite sneakers or booties, a casual t-shirt, and some jewelry. As white leggings go with anything, you have the possibility to create multiple outfits with just one item of clothing. If you’re looking to give a twist to your outfits, there are even white leggings with pockets and other white leggings with mesh. 


casual leggings


  1. The Lounging at Home Look

Are you working from home? Do you take a rest day from the gym? Even if your plan is to lay on the couch all day, white tights are perfect to do it in style. Just bring in your coziest sweater or hoodie. It’s as simple as that. Oversized sweatshirts are trending and white leggings are the best way to match them and that graphic t-shirt you love.


loungewear leggings


Overall, if you’re still wondering what goes with white leggings, the answer is simple: white leggings are perfect for any occasion! Think of it as a blank canvas. White leggings are the foundation of your outfit. You can dress them up with some jewelry and chic sneakers, or comfortably pair them with your favorite sports bra. 

Forgotten are the preconceptions that white leggings or white tights are for a specific body type. You see, at TrueFeat we believe that activewear is made to empower ALL women. 

We proudly offer high-quality and critically acclaimed leggings in many colors and sizes to fit comfortably all body types. Browse our collection here.

TF Team